Monday, September 8, 2014

2014 Big Texas Train Show

Event:  2014 Big Texas Train Show
Location:  George R. Brown Convention Center
Dates: 09/06-09/07
Website:  Big Texas Train Show

Following Rail Wars! this 2014 Anime Summer Season resparked my interest in trains.  As a result of this I attended the Big Texas Train Show for the first time this weekend.

The Big Texas Train Show is where local model railroad clubs come together to display their trains, track layouts, scenery and recruit members.

The scale that each railroad club specialize in range from Z scale (1:220) to G scale (1:22.5) and also includes lego trains.

In addition to the railroad clubs are vendors that sell railroad merchandise and related hobby tools.  One of the interesting vendors that I came across was LUNDE STUDIOS.  They provides structure kits for placing high rise buildings in your model railroad.

Though model railroading is not one of my hobbies, I still enjoyed looking at the different trains, track layouts, and scenery that each club displayed.  The Big Texas Train Show is worth checking out.

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