Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Aldnoah.Zero Official Soundtrack

Title:  Aldnoah.Zero Official Soundtrack
Composer:  Hiroyuki Sawano
Format:  Blu-spec CD
Number of Discs:  1
Number of Tracks:  20
Play Time:  1:18:22

I have been following Aldnoah.Zero this 2014 Anime Summer Season.  After listening to some of the background music in the episodes I decided to pick up the official soundtrack.  The soundtrack is composed by Hiroyuki Sawano and plays 20 tracks.  However, the opening theme "Heavenly Blue" is not included in these 20 tracks.  Another item to note about this soundtrack is that it is a Blu-spec CD.

Similar to blu-ray discs, information is written to a Blue-spec CD with a blue laser.  This blue laser is more precise, which in turn mitigates distortion during manufacturing.  Furthermore, Blue-spec CD are compatible with standard CD players.

The packaging also includes a 10 page booklet which contains an interview with Hiroyuki Sawano printed in Japanese and lyrics for the following tracks printed in English:

  • TR01 No differences
  • TR09 AL C-@
  • TR10 The Call to Arms

If you want to preview this soundtrack, you can sample all 20 tracks from Dailymotion.  CD Japan has the Aldnoah. Zero Official Soundtrack listed if you want to order a copy.  

Season 1 of Alnoah.Zero is coming to an end, but Season 2 is scheduled to air this 2015 Anime Winter Season.

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