Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Jaina Solo Figure

Name:  Jaina Solo
Series:  Star Wars
Scale:  1/7
Approx. Height:  9”
Material:  PVC
Pre-Painted:  Yes
Figure Maker:  Kotobukiya
Figure Category:  Bishoujo

Jaina Solo is the twin sister to Jacen Solo who are offspring to Han and Liea Solo.  In the Star Wars Expanded Universe, Jaina Solo is a Jedi Master and a Rogue Squadron Pilot, which is why we see her in a rebel alliance flight suit, holding a light saber.

Jaina Solo comes in a 8”x 5.5”x 12.5” black box.  The front of the box contains a window that allows the viewer to see the top half of the figure.  The right side of the box shows the art work that inspired this figure from Shunya Yamashita.  The left side of the box shows a picture of the complete figure.  The back of the box gives a summary on Jaina Solo and shows pictures of some of the details of the figure.

Kotobukiya included a circular base that is just under 4” in diameter.  In addition to the base, is a Star Wars and Rogue Squadron emblem.  The base can be separated into two pieces allowing you to place your emblem of choice within the base.

This figure requires some assembly as it comes in 5 separate pieces out of the box:
  • Lower Body
  • Upper Body
  • Left Hand
  • Right Hand
  • Lightsaber

The lower body which includes Jaina’s feet, legs and pelvis, has a hole on each boot that connects to the pegs on the base.

The upper body which includes the torso, arms and head has a slot for aligning and connecting with the lower body.

Jaina’s left hand is gripping her pilot helmet, while her right hand is holding up a her flight vest.  Each hand is slotted to connect with the respective arm.

The included light saber has a hole that is to be pegged with Jaina’s right hand.  I am not sure if this is intentional, but the way the the light saber connects to her hand makes it looks like it is levitating.

Final Thoughts

Kotobukiya did a great job summarizing Jaina Solo with this figure, through the flight suit and light saber.  Furthermore, the paint and sculpt work really make this figure detailed.  Lastly, even though Jaina Solo is from the Star Wars Universe, the pose, facial expression that Kotobukiya sculpted and painted allows this figure to be added in a bishouju collection as well.  I wonder which Star Wars bishouju figure Kotobukiya will create next?

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