Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Y-3181 USB 3.0 6 PORT HUB

Product Description:  USB 3.0, 6 port hub with additional 2 charging ports (2A each)
Product Model Number:  Y-3181
Product Manufacture:  UNITEK
Retailer:  amazon
Price:  $29.99

My laptop was running out of USB ports so I went looking for a USB hub.  The hub had to be capable of USB 3.0 and be able to provide adequate power to the devices connected to it.  After searching around I purchased the Y-3181 USB 3.0 6 Port Hub from UNITEK.

The package contains the following:
One (1) USB 3.0 hub
One (1) 12Vdc, 4A power adaptor
One (1) power cable
One (1) USB 3.0 type A-B cable

The hub is powered with the provided 12Vdc, 4A power adapter.  There is a green LED to indicate that the USB hub is powered.  The laptop connects to the hub with the provided USB 3.0 tye A-B cable via the USB type B port.

The hub provides 6 USB 3.0 blue ports which can be used for limited power and data transfer while. After some testing I verified that the blue ports are able to provide power without the USB hub connected to the laptop.  I also noticed the hub will not perform any data transfer unless powered.

The remaining 2 red ports are for charging only and are advertised to output 2A each.  Another thing to note is that the USB hub did not warm up when I used it to charge a mobile phone and power a small 2W LED desk lamp.

Out of the box this device performed as expected.  I have not had this HUB in service for long, but at the moment I recommend it for the price, number of USB 3.0 ports and charging capacity.

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