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F-15E Strike Eagle 1/144 Scale Tactical Surface Fighter Model Kit (Unboxing)

Title:  F-15E Strike Eagle
Series:  Muv Luv Alternate Total Eclipse
Scale:  1/144
Approx. Height:  5-1/2"
Manufacture:  Kotobukiya
Release Date:  03/2013

Why I Chose This Kit

Being an anime fan, you are going to be exposed to mecha and mecha model kit building.  After watching Aldnoah.Zero and Muv Luv Alternate Total Eclipse I decided that I wanted to give mecha model kit building an attempt.

However, the only model kit building experience I had was snap on stealth fighter kit, that didn't require any painting or glue.  Since, I am a beginner model kit builder I wanted to find an inexpensive kit so that I wouldn't worry about messing it up.  As I was looking for mecha model kits to build, I came across the F-15E Strike Eagle Tactical Surface Fighter from the Muv Luv Alternate Total Eclipse series on clearance for $17.27 at Big Bad Toy Store.  I purchased this kit as it was inexpensive, cool looking and from an anime series that I enjoyed.


In the Muv Luv  Alternate Total Eclipse anime series humanity is threatened from aliens called "Beta".  In order to fight this threat, humanity build tactical surface fighters (TSF).

The F-15E Strike Eagle is a 2.5 generation TSF that is manufactured in the U.S. by McDaell Doglam.

This particlar F-15E Strike Eagle that the model kit is based off of is piloted by Stella Bremer.  Stella Bremer is a test pilot for the American based development unit, Argos Test Flight.  She is a Second Lieutenant from Sweden that specializes in sniping.  Her call sign is "Argos 4".


The contents of this model kit comes in a 12-1/4"x7-1/2"x3-1/4" box.


The following is what is included in this model kit:
  • Instructions manual
  • Sprues
    • "A" Sprue
    • "B" Sprue
    • "C" Sprue (2)
    • "D" Sprue
    • "E" Sprue
    • "F" Sprue
    • "G" Sprue
    • "PC" Sprue
    • Front Skirt Part with US insignia
  • Tank Class Beta (3)
  • Sprue Order Form
Instructions Manual

The instructions manual provides the following information:

  • Weapons Systems
  • Pilot
  • Specifications
  • Action Poses
  • Sprue & Part Listing
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Color Guide
As this kit is a Japanese import, please note that the text is printed in Japanese.


Note that there aren't any decals included in this kit.  Instead Kotobukiya has pre-painted the insignias on the pieces directly.

Tank Class Beta

A nice surprise that came in this kits are the 3 tank class beta.  These will be great for display purposes or as props for photo shoots.

Sprue Order Form

In case you need to order more sprues, an order form is included listing how much each sprue costs in Japanese yen.

Final Thoughts

After unboxing the contents, I am excited to get started.  I really like how this kit comes with 3 tank class beta.  I will definitely pose them when I do a post build photo shoot.

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