Saturday, October 11, 2014

F-15E Strike Eagle 1/144 Scale Tactical Surface Fighter Model Kit (Post Build)

This post will only cover the build and post build of this model kit.  You can read about this kit's content and background information in the previous post.

Tools & Supplies

As this was my first kit and did not know if I would continue building model kits, I only used the following tools & supplies:


All in all this kit was straight forward to piece together.  However, I made a number of mistakes along the build.  The biggest lesson for me was not to cut too close to the pieces.  The first several pieces I cut too close and made deep gouges into the piece.  I sanded down these pieces, but it caused unevenness throughout the model.


Final Thoughts

Though I made a bunch of mistakes on this kit, it was a good experience.  More importantly, I enjoyed the assembly process and doing the photo shoot.  With this said, I will definitely continue this as a hobby.  As for future plans for this kit, I am thinking about using acrylic paint to perform the detailing and to hide any mistakes I made.

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