Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Rail Wars! Official Fan Book

Title:  Rail Wars! Official Fan Book
Cover:  Soft
Approx Number of Pages:  120
Publisher:  Sohgeisha
Release Date:  August 2014
JAN/ISBN:  9784881441978


Rail Wars! originated on January 2012 as a Japanese light novel series by Takumi Toyoda with illustrations by Vania 600. The light novel takes place in a fictional Japan where the railways were never privatized and revolves around several characters who work for the Japanese National Railways.

The Rail Wars! Official Fan Book covers the characters and their creators, the settings and voice actors from the anime series. 


The cover has a removable dust jacket.

Foldout Illustrations

The first page after the front cover is a fold out page that contains illustrations on both sides.  I am not sure if this page is meant to be taken out of the book as there isn't any indication.


The content of this book is divided into the following chapters:

Chapter_001 The Illustration Gallery
Chapter_002 Characters and Their Creators
Chapter_003 The Story and The Worldview
Chapter_004 The Animated World

One odd thing to note is that though the book's table of contents numbers and orders the chapters as shown above, the physical order of the chapters are as follows:

Chapter_001 The Illustration Gallery
Chapter_003 The Story and The Worldview
Chapter_002 Characters and Their Creators
Chapter_004 The Animated World

Chapter_001 The Illustration Gallery

The Illustration Gallery contains 9 single page illustrations and 8 double page illustrations.  One thing to note about these illustrations is that Aoi Sakurai is the main or only feature in 12 out of these 17 illustrations.

Chapter_003 The Story and The Worldview

This chapter contains sketches of several of the characters.

Lastly this chapter contains an interview with Takumi Toyoda, and Vania 600.

Chapter_002 Characters and Their Creators

Characters and Their Creators goes into the background of each of the 9 light novel books.

Chapter_004 The Animated World

The final chapter contains 6 more interviews with the following people related to the anime series:

  • Sueda Yoshihumi
  • Unknown (I can't read Japanese and there is no clear indication on who the interviewee is)
  • Voice of Naoto Takayama
  • Voice of Aoi Sakurai
  • Voice of Haruka Kōmi
  • Voice of Shō Iwaizumi

The last several pages are illustrations related to the anime series.

Final Thoughts

I got introduced to Rail Wars! through the animated series that aired on July 2014.  I enjoyed the animated series for the setting, trains, female characters, lightheartedness and fan service.  With all of this said I picked up this book because I am a fan of the series and wanted to see more illustrations.  Overall I like the book, but I was hoping for more illustrations from all of the main characters.

If you are interested in ordering a copy, I have seen it listed on the following websites:

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